polityka prywatności
Landscape of neurodiversity
Author: Joanna Erbel

“LANDSCAPE OF NEURODIVERSITY” – is a text written by our associate Joanna Erbel and architects Marta Wierusz and Tomasz Borzenie. You can learn from it about the important role of proper spatial order in the lives of neurodivergent people. 

“Urbanists, architects and designers can play an extremely positive role in the lives of neurodivergent people through a well-designed space. The right solutions alleviate the effects of unfavorable stimuli, enhance the sense of comfort and security, and positively stimulate their users”,769/?fbclid=IwAR1Q1_5quFE5Knzzcl9YKr0p8PexXFsmqiuYys_58mZGyJQu8F3y_trsbRQ

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