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Neurodiversity – what it is and what potential it has
Publisher: Paulina Ołtusek

On October 29, we organized a webinar on neurodiversity with Netguru. The meeting was an element of Netguru’s activities in the field of building an inclusive organizational culture based on respect for diversity.

Neurodiversity is a fairly new concept. Neuroatypical people are often viewed as thinking and functioning differently from the majority of society. How to understand? How to take into account neurodiversity in building an inclusive workplace as well as available digital solutions? The participants of the meeting were:

a/typical foundation representatives :
Krzysztof Szalecki – doctor of medical sciences, cooperating with the a/typical foundation
Paulina Ołtusek – operational coordinator in the a/typical foundation

Expert in the field of digital hygiene, trainer and animator of media education:
Kamil Śliwowski

Netguru experts:
Agata Rączewska – UX Practice Expert at Netguru, Founder of Planeta Kreatorów
Matylda Siuta – UX Designer

The meeting was moderated by Karolina Długosz, Sustinability Lead at Netguru.

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