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Pracodawca na TAK report
Publisher: Paulina Ołtusek

We are a partner of the Pracodawca na TAK report. Download for free! The report by the TAKpełnosprawni Foundation describes the current challenges and ways to include people with disabilities in teams. It is not only data, but also practical advice and statements from employers, people with disabilities and experts. Together, we diagnose and help create an open labor market. In the publication, on page 40, you will find a quote from Kasia Modlińska, the president of our foundation.

The ‘Pracodawca na TAK’ research shows that the perception of the labor market by employers and people with disabilities is very different. Over 60% of employers believe that the labor market is now friendlier to people with disabilities, while only 39% of people with disabilities see any change in the way they are treated over the last 5 years.

How to correct this situation? The answers can be found in the 10 principles of effective employment of people with disabilities according to the international standard ILO Global Business and Disability Network. In Poland, their practical implementation was described for the first time. We are glad that we could be part of this initiative!

Our common challenge is social education. Anyone who opens up to diversity now is actually investing in their own future. We are an aging society, therefore the inclusion of people with disabilities in teams is a must. Today, it is about 15% of the world’s population – explains Agata Robińska, president of the TAKpełnosprawni Foundation, originator of the report’s concept.

The publisher of the publication is the TAKpełnosprawni Foundation, which promotes employment and inclusion of people with disabilities in the open labor market.

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