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Warsaw for holiday: NGOs of Warsaw. We, neurodiverse! (September 14th)
Publisher: Paulina Ołtusek

Are Varsovians neurodivers? Yes, they are! But what does it mean and what does it tell us about the capital? How wisely to live together? Dr Krzysztof Szalecki, who represents our foundation, will present this topic during a meeting organized by the Monument Interpretation Center and the Museum of Warsaw as part of the Warsaw for holidays series, choosing Warsaw as a parallel of an organism, as different and internally complex as the human psyche.

The districts, housing estates and buildings of Warsaw will be the frame for the story of Warsaw’s diverse perception of the world and oneself, as well as such a diverse experience of everything, life and functioning in a common reality that the capital city pulsates with. They are so different, but also they form one ‘me’. The chessboard of Miasteczko Wilanów streets, organized and repetitive in the Cartesian order, and Halina Skibniewska’s Sady Żoliborskie, deconstructing the formula of urban tissue forged for centuries with a modernist carelessness, can meet in a common denominator. Varsovians also find a common denominator in the capital – those of us who meet the accepted, often oppressive standards, and atypical, highly sensitive people, synesthetics, Varsovians on the autism spectrum, suffering from depression and other forms of neurological diversity. We invite you to a fascinating journey through the neurodiverse Warsaw!

The event will take place on September 14th at 6:30pm on the Museum of Warsaw Facebook account. We also encourage you to join the event on Facebook.

Guest: Krzysztof Szalecki – a PhD of medical science, permanently associated with a/typical, the foundation for neurodiversity. He has been working at the Nervous System Cancer Clinic of the Oncology Center of the Institute in Warsaw since 2012. Dr Szalecki is particularly interested in the treatment of pain syndromes with the use of minimally invasive and surgical methods. He participated in the surgical treatment programs for Tourrete’s syndrome and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Host: Marta Żakowska – Museum of Warsaw, Cities Magazine.

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